Kontrol Technology

Hankook Tire us - Kontrol Technology

Kontrol Technology is a philosophy inherent to Hankook Tire and is applied across the entire research, development and production process for all Hankook Tire products. The ‘K’ of Kontrol stands for ‘Kinetic’ or, in other words, ‘movement.’ Kontrol is based on the basic concept of being able to fully command the interaction between car, driver and the road.

All Hankook Tire products are based on the concept of Kontrol Technology and aim to provide consumers the joy of driving through ‘performance, comfort, safety and environment.’ From the extreme performance of motorsports, to the daily routine of driving kids safely to school on a rainy day, Kontrol Technology is always there.

Hankook Tire us - Kontrol Technology

Four Functions of Kontrol Technology

Performance Hankook Tire us - Kontrol Technology

Tire performance is maximized with improved durability that maintains the best handling even under the worst driving conditions, allowing drivers to always move in the direction of choice under a variety of driving conditions.

Safety Hankook Tire us - Kontrol Technology

Safety of both car and driver is guaranteed by maintaining the car’s ability to perform while driving even under harsh weather or road conditions.

Comfort Hankook Tire us - Kontrol Technology

Based on a deeper understanding of how tires perform and behave in real world conditions, tires are designed to limit noise, vibrations and harshness on the roads to allow for optimal driving experience.

Environment Hankook Tire us - Kontrol Technology

Cost for the customers is reduced by increasing fuel efficiency while negative impact to the environment is minimized by reducing carbon emissions.

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