2015 Hankook Tire Design Innovation in Collaboration with Vibram®

Hankook Tire and Vibram®, the two brands which lead their respective markets, have created a ‘uniquely enjoyable experience of driving’as a result of collaboration. Vibram® is also the world’s number one outsole brand from Italy.

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[Making Film] 2015 Hankook Vibram® Collaboration
Hankook Tire us - Collaboration-Vibram

The innovative synthesis between Hankook Tire’s technology and Vibram®’s unique style has produced a new vision of each brand under the design theme of “Tires go fashionable” and “Shoes embrace dynamic high-end technology”

Off-road concept tires, DynaMIX & DynaSYNC

These tires are inspired by the flexible blocks of hikingbootoutsole treads and layer structure, allowing flexibility of shoe movement and diversity of style.

The multi-directional geometric 3D design protects the tire from road shock and increases safety.

The ultra-light 3D cocoon technology is applied to the design of the sidewall, featuring tight-knitted serration and block surfaces at various angles, which also protects the tire from shock.

The honeycomb-shape layered structure not only prevents drilling caused by pebbles or small rocks on road, but also absorbs shock from off-road environments.

Vibram®’s iconic design is used to create tread patterns, which allows more traction in mountainous areas.

The color compound featureenables young drivers to choose the color of tire that matches their vehicle’s body color, providing amore enjoyable driving experience.

VIBRAM® Concept Shoes, DynaTREK & Dyna STRYKE BKL

From the inspiration behind the two concept tires, DynaMIX and DynaSYNC, these shoes attempt to embrace a new concept and function-oriented design that has never been tried before.

This is a new shoe design that conforms to the ergonomics of the foot by optimizing the tire’s functionality on a variety of ground surfaces. It’s functional structure and dynamic appearance adds fashion.

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