Global Network

Hankook Tire us - Global Network

Collaborative Global Matrix Organization

As an organization with a matrix structure, all regional headquarters are interconnected with our global headquarters, cooperating effectively with our subdivisions to maximize the operational efficiency of our company.

Our global headquarters—the epicenter of the organizational structure—analyzes trends in the global market, establishes mid- to long-term strategies, and proposes and supports optimized models for each of the regional headquarters. Under this guidance, our four strategic regional headquarters located in Korea, the United States, Europe, and China operate production, sales, and distribution systems customized for local customers. These offices also conduct operations in line with strategies laid out by the global headquarters, with the autonomy to cater to their regional customers promptly and effectively.

Our regional headquarters consist of sixteen subdivisions based on local business characteristics and product types. Customers are categorized into general customers and automobile companies, and the operational units are divided accordingly. Each division is organized according to product characteristics—passenger cars, light trucks, and trucks and buses—and they actively and independently manage operations from product development to marketing.

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