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The performance of an automobile is directly related to the performance of its tires. The tire is the vital component in driving which leads to complete driver satisfaction. This is the main reason global automobile companies use strict criteria when selecting a tire company.

Since first partnering with a Korea automobile company in 1955, Hankook Tire & Technology has expanded its network of strategic partnerships around the world in key markets. To meet partner's requirements, Hankook Tire is taking the lead in developing tires optimized for new and unique characteristics of automobiles, actively responding to the needs of the global tire market.

Through our extensive global network, which offers the highest levels of quality control and safety, and with our continuous investment in R&D, Hankook Tire & Technology aspires to lead the automotive industry into the future, providing drivers around the world with the best driving experience.

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OE Special Marking : It is a certification granted to the product which has been developed to install on the vehicle and approved by the manufacturer of the car. There may be differences in marking presence and target by brands.

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