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Hankook is the company's flagship brand and a global premium brand that is based on technological innovation.

With our flagship product brand Ventus (high performance, comfort & sports) at the center, our company operates a variety of product brands available worldwide which take into account vehicle models, driving environments, and customer needs. Brands include Kinergy (comfort), Dynapro (on&off), and Winter l'cept (winter, braking power).

We offer a full line of passenger car, SUV, light truck, commercial truck, and bus tires and lead the way in developing innovative products in response to changes in the future mobility environment in line with global consumer trends which include electric vehicle tire operation.

We are expanding our supply of Original Equipment (OE) tires to global premium automotive brands, including three big automotive German companies. Additionally, the German magazine Auto Bild delivered an exemplary rating after road testing our tires and we received the Red Dot Award 2020 for design excellence.

We are reinforcing our brand status with sponsorship of representative sports and motor sports that include the world-class soccer club Real Madrid, the prestigious European soccer league Europa League, the American Baseball League (MLB), 24H Series and Supercar Challenge.


Laufenn is a global brand which was founded in 2014 to provide reasonable and affordable tires for drivers who pursue a simple yet trendy lifestyle.

Starting with a launch in the Americas and China in 2015, we gradually expanded our sales to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia in 2016. Based on Hankook Tire's manufacturing technology, we have a proven track record of reliability and quality. We are currently raising brand awareness as an official sponsor of the Europa League, a prestigious European football league hosted by the European Football Federation.

To meet the various needs of our customers, we have a wide range of product lines for the premium sports segment, passenger car segment, and the SUV segment. We also expanded the range to include the commercial vehicle segment in 2020.

From our premium product group S FIT (high performance, sports products) to G FIT (passenger car products), X FIT (SUV & light truck products), and I FIT (winter products), we operate an optimized line of products in consideration of vehicle type, driving environments, and our customer's needs.

Kingstar has nine product lines including their representative line called Road Fit, which means a 'tire optimized for any road', and they are sold in 24 countries mainly in Europe.

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